“You’ve got a fast car, I want a ticket to anywhere. . .”


Standing on the hillside above a beautiful waterfall looking out over one of the many lakes in The Lake District with the sun going down, I couldn’t help but think this is what student life is all about. A mere two hours earlier I’d been in Sainsbury’s doing my weekly food shop but after a few texts and grabbing the essentials I was off on a spontaneous road trip to anywhere with two good friends from university.

Now I know it sounds highly romanticised but it’s exactly what happened and while we were out and about, going wherever we pleased I couldn’t help but think; well if you’re ever going to do something like this, now is the time. Student life is renowned for being a time of getting up to all types of mischief; often getting students a pretty bad reputation! But it doesn’t have to all be law breaking and stupid. Quite a few times already in this university year I’ve found myself either with nothing to do or in no frame of mind to do work. Being in this situation I hate the feeling of just sitting around wasting my days on pointless things; not really what I want as my prominent memory of my time here in Lancaster. This feeling of not wanting to waste time is enhanced by the fact that we’re already in week eight, which means we all run off home for Christmas in no time at all. One question- where did Michaelmas term go?!

Now if you’re having these similar feelings of time literally slipping away without much to say for it; which I know quite a few of my friends are. Then why not do something about it? Make the most of where you are and the time you have (soon we’ll be in nine to five jobs and be begging to be back at university – lectures and all!) We may have had the privilege of having a car at our disposal but you don’t need it! Just take a wander up and around Ashton Memorial, to the castle, even just around the campus nature trail or to Galgate. With the right people anywhere is good! Just don’t go wasting the time and freedom you have and often forget about here.

Us students can get a bit lazy – hard to believe I know! But just being a bit more proactive can have a big effect. I know for a fact that that Saturday afternoon and evening spent touring around The Lakes is going to be one of my university memories that sticks around for a long time. So go ahead, got some spare time coming up this week? Even just an hour here, half an hour there you can make the most of it – grab a friend (grabbing strangers doesn’t tend to go down very well!) and just head out and see what comes of it. Even if it’s totally dull you’ve not lost anything if all you were going to do was sit in by yourself, not working and watching reruns – it’ll all still be there when you get back!

Some fresh air and doing something a little different, as clichéd as it sounds, can do you the world of good, it can clear that head, give you some well-earned time away from work or just give you that extra kick of inspiration you’ve been needing after staring blankly at a computer screen for days. Remember; seize the day not the TV remote! Who knows where you’ll end up. . .

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