Winter heart warmers


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Living in Lancaster only means one thing; winter comes ridiculously early without fail.  In it strolls with its October hail and 90mph November winds; we can only dread to think what December has in store for us.  But despite the fact that we loathe the walk to lectures and the knocking on of the kettle every two minutes, winter also brings with it some classic scenarios we all love.  We can embrace winter if we simply remember a few of our favourite winter warmers and then it won’t feel so bad?

Grab a brew:

Nothing can shake the cold like a cup of tea or coffee, even just holding the mug makes everything seem a million times better.  Or maybe your winter pick-me-up is a hot chocolate (whipped cream and marshmallows, of course) to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Don’t forget about hot toddies, Irish coffees, apple cider and mulled wine.

Snow days:

Snow itself can be a nightmare and cause us all to walk like Bambi on ice for a few weeks, but it also has the potential to bring a much loved snow day!  This is mainly for school children, but fingers crossed that one of our many lecturers can’t make it in?  Admittedly, skiing and ice skating may not be up everyone’s street but sledging on the other hand requires no athletic skill or grace whatsoever. All you need is one gigantic hill which can make for hours of entertainment and which Lancaster offers the perfect location for.  Just think about it, when do we ever get a day off over summer just because it’s getting a bit stuffy indoors?

Snuggle up warm:

The obligatory combo of bed socks and a hot water bottle can even make university rooms a little more homely. Especially if you crank up the radiators, they can be pretty powerful in desperate times. Yes, heaters can give off the impression of a fire but nothing can compare to the warm sensation of a real open fire, after complaining all day of being freezing there is something quite comical about having to move away from the roasting fireplace.

Princess layer:

Layering is something which cannot be stressed enough in Lancaster! Not only will it keep your body temperature above -5 degrees but it is also a fashion must! So hunt out all your woolly jumpers, scarves, socks, gloves and of course the classic Winter coat and watch half your wardrobe disappear in front of your eyes! They spend half the year taking up all the room in there, so you may as well put them to good use.

Winter food babies:

An extra little bonus is you can eat and eat and eat until your stuffed full and nobody will notice with all those extra layers you’ll be wearing!  So do not say no to that last roastie or Quality Street and defiantly head to Greggs for the return of the festive bake!

Love is in the air:

Isn’t there something ridiculously romantic about winter?  Being in front of the fire, toasting marshmallows, and watching endless films which swarm the channels can make the long winter nights something to look forward to with someone special.  If you’re more outdoorsy, maybe a winter walk is something you’d prefer, the crisp sound of frozen leaves and grass crunching beneath your feet- a seasonal sensation. The cold weather has a funny way of bringing people closer together, doesn’t it?

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