“He’s becoming distant” need not be the end of it!


Long distance relationships might seem like something to run a mile from, but in my experience being far away from your partner can work remarkably well. Unless you treat your boyfriend or girlfriend like a significant organ or limb, then long distance love stories can be very practical relationships – especially for a busy and hardworking uni student!In my opinion,

Skype is the key to success. Almost as good as having them there, it bridges the geographical distance and stops you forgetting what they look like. Communication is so much easier when you can see eachothers’ expressions and deters unnecessary bickering. However, excessive use can lead to hours of looking longingly into each others eyes, hugging of computer screens and kissing webcams- so don’t over do it! 

photo by kidoki

Your work load can benefit from a long distance relationship. There’s no distraction from coursework and deadlines if your boyfriend or girlfriend is miles away and forces you to resist racing over for one of those irresistible “I just have to be with you!” moments. So you can expect to keep focused and do well in your studies- that is of course if a cheeky trip to Sugarhouse or Elements doesn’t get in your way. 

The great thing about a long distance relationship is the fact that everything is a lot more exciting and exhilerating if you haven’t seen your loved one for weeks. In a standard “my girlfriend lives in the next block” relationship the fire can burn out a lot quicker if you’re seeing eachother every day, than if you see them every few weeks. Therefore, the ‘honeymoon period’ can last longer and idle ruts need not set in. It is important too that while you’re at uni with all your new friends and exciting experiences that you have the best three years of your life and don’t let your relationship get in the way. So not having them at arms reach might be a blessing in disguise, and you can have the best of both worlds! They key is to have a balance of having a life seperate from your partner but enjoying your life togeher too- it’s far more attractive.

Yes there might be times when you fall into a heap of despair because you miss their smell and quirky habits, but theres no need to sob into your pillow every night. My tips are to keep focused on looking forward to the next time you will see them, keep busy, trust them and remember, you have your own life too!

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