Live at LICA – Spring Season round-up


No I do not want to eat less chocolate or drink more water; no I do not want to give up drinking whisky or falling off the stage in the Sugarhouse. Not because I am irresponsible, but because it would be an insult to the very nature of being a student. I do however want to broaden my horizons and explore pastures new, which is why the new spring season at Live At LICA looks so appealing.

Open to all students, staff and members of the public, Live At LICA kicked off the start to the new season last week with the unconventional comedy act New Art Club who were the rightful winners of the ‘Edinburgh Spotlight Best Comedy Show 2010.’ A truly original force in comedy, the double act offered an edgy experience for all involved.

Keeping things arty and fresh, last week also saw the opening of Patrick Caulfield’s exhibition in the Peter Scott Gallery. The exhibition displays a selection of prints which are simple yet effective and highlight the artist’s fascination with everyday objects. Luckily for you, you have until Saturday 17th March to see the work of a Turner prize nominee in front of your very own eyes.

Equally as impressive is The Protein Dance Company with their performance of ‘LOL’. Sharing a same understanding of the acronym as my mother, ‘Lots of Love’ is a critically acclaimed production in which its six dancers seek romance through the internet. Whereas in real life this may lead to the acquisition of a Thai bride or two, this performance is set to conjure a razor–sharp commentary on our Facebook society. If you’re as intrigued as I am then come along to the Nuffield Theatre on Tuesday 31st January and all will become clear.

Company Chameleon is also visiting the Nuffield and will be performing their piece ‘Gameshow’ which combines theatre and dance at 8pm on Wednesday 22nd February. This new work is bedecked with glitz and glamour to reflect the razzle dazzle of celebrity culture. Accessible and witty the team undertake a series of game show tasks and trials all competing for a chance to win fame, power, money and status. However, it’s not all fun and games as the contestants encounter moral dilemmas which explore the price of fame and what it costs to win big. Animated and athletic the team have more energy and pazazz than Usain Bolt after four cans of Red Bull, a definite prescription for a mid-week shake up.

Renowned for their array of more traditional music, Live At LICA presents the arrival of the Apollo Saxaphone Quartet. With special works inspired by their favourite film clips, a more sophisticated audience will appreciate the celebrative concert at 7:30pm on Thursday 2nd February. For something with a little more spice Argentinean musicians Silencio are taking to the stage at 7:30pm on Thursday 1st March. Again this is a must see for those of you who are more culturally refined, or an ideal opportunity to convince your unassuming date you are – just keep on the champagne and off the crisps and they will never know you are more Jim Royale than Prince Harry. A flawless plan if ever there was one.

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