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There are many things I’ve stumbled across on campus which have caught my eye – from students embracing the walk of shame whilst donning a cow onesie to the disturbing sight of my tutor in the gym – there’s always an image to keep you awake at night. Therefore, it is safe to say that Lancaster University is truly the home of the strange and spectacular, which is why it is the ideal location for art related happenings, exhibitions and experiences.

On Tuesday 7th February between 11am – 2pm, students, tutors and passersby are invited to divulge their deepest darkest secrets, fears, hopes and dreams (dry ones only) to “spread a bit of enlightenment” on the goings on in Lancaster – a bit like Confession, but without the priest. Those involved, who are not members of the clergy, aim to “unveil the truth about what goes Unspoken,” so please do pop along and fill in a slip if you care to share, they will later be displayed on campus as part of an exhibition, but fear not, all slips are reassuringly anonymous.

Next up is art group Flux, who aim to bring art to the people in any way possible. The group of students want to inspire, involve and encourage others to create art and raise awareness that art and beauty can be found in even the most mundane of places and experienced even if you have a hangover that could sleigh a horse. The cluster of students would like to challenge perspectives while spreading a message of happiness throughout the spine, so open your eyes and your mind to possibilities (especially on Wednesday 8th  February) – look high and low and embrace the weird and wonderful – you never know, you may enjoy it.

Following a similar route of living life fancy free, with your hair let down to billow behind you in the wind, you may also be interested in experiencing “a mixture of senses – the soft earth beneath your feet, and the sweet smell of plantation surroundings with an elemental force upon your skin…” Intriguing right?

This is the way students responsible for Tomorrow wish it to be inviting participants to discover “a series of secrets” whilst walking through a garden of beauty you will unearth various disciplines in painting, sculpture, digital image and motion graphics which ponder – “are we tearing away our environmental protection, are we infecting the atmosphere?” This is set to be an unusual, unconventional exhibition which is not to be missed.

Make sure you’re free from 9am – 5pm (unlike Dolly Parton) on Wednesday 15th February where Tomorrow’s World will be represented by a selection of the university’s Fine Art students in ‘The Making Time Garden.’

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