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Johnny Depp suggested in a recent interview that ‘we should celebrate our individuality, not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.’ However it seems to me he is one of the only celebrities that strive to be an individual in this new ‘clone’ world that is the realm of the celebrity. It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish celebrities from each other because of their generic looks and fashion sense. Yes, there are some celebrities who refuse to follow the current fashion trends and some who try to create their own, however the more new looks that are developed the more celebrities copy each other to fit in.
In today’s society with many celebrities having plastic surgery by the same surgeons it is easy to see why celebs all look a like. We are constantly presented with a multitude of fake boobs, bigger lips and less wrinkles meaning there is a lot less natural beauty to be seen. You could be forgiven for thinking you had stepped into the world of Stepford when watching some TV shows. TOWIE and Made in Chelsea are prime examples where all parties are trying to fit into a category of style that they think is popular and therefore you have ten guys and ten girls who all look the same. Many celebs want to look constantly fresh, but Botox leaves them looking frozen in time.

The ‘one look suits all,’ also seems to occur due to celebrities hiring the same stylists. Many female celebs are sporting long, brown and wavy hair and male celebs don the generic black suit on most occasions. Even with many artists like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry trying to set their own style standards and emphasise individuality, we could argue that they are just re-working the previous styles of artists like Madonna – nothing is new in the world of celebrities.

In a world where looks are important, it is understandable that people want to look their best but the standard of beauty is getting a bit boring. Walking around campus individuality is all around. Us ‘normal’ folk have to fend for ourselves in terms of fashion so ultimately people who buy from the high street or vintage shops are creating the real fashions trends. Celebrities need to begin to redefine beauty and fashion again instead of just paying to preserve their looks. Some of the most respected celebs are ones like Emma Thompson who try to make the older and natural woman look fashionable. Some celebs think they can constantly wear younger fashions because they have bought into the ideal of looking young forever.

There has been a massive change from the old Hollywood celebrities but not necessarily for the better. If we were all meant to look the same way we would and it’s a testament that older celebrities are remembered for their natural beauty and these legends will live on forever – modern celebs are more likely to be remembered for plastic surgery sessions gone wrong.

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