Post-party, anyone?


Yes, you read the title correctly, but you may well be confused by this concept. What is the new phenomenon of a ‘post-party’? Why do people do it? Is it widely popular?

Photo by Murdo Macleod

You probably have already heard of an ‘after-party’ that takes place after gigs or shows, but there’s an interesting distinction between an ‘after-party’ and a ‘post-party’ – the aim of the ‘after-party’ is to kick-start the fun, while the ‘post-party’ is usually more of a wind-down. For advocates of the ‘after-party’, bringing the party back home after a night out is essential! However, I use the term ‘party’ loosely: while some will want to carry the beats of a nightclub back home by putting on some good old David Guetta or Rihanna and resume busting some moves to extreme volumes, others opt for the quieter ‘post-party’. This variation is what makes the post-party so popular. A classic quieter ‘post-party’ situation would involved eating your takeaway that you brought home with you, while lying down on the sofa or bed and watching a film, catching up on the X-Factor episode that you missed during the pre-party, or surfing YouTube for hilarious videos with your mates. In addition, there have been reported cases of attempts to drunkenly write a piece of coursework after a night out (to shocking, yet hilarious reactions in the morning), hoovering ones room (I know, WHY?!) or even the classic ‘phoning everyone in your phone book to declare your undying love for them’.

You might be reading this and dismissing all these ideas as things you’d like to do after a night out, and say that the most popular option – going to sleep – is definitely a priority. I’d be inclined to agree with you, but let’s face it there are always people in a group (usually the hard-core ravers) who wanted to stay out until dawn, energetically boasting their ‘moves like Jagger’ and didn’t want to come home at such an early time. Those committed to the cause of raving are certain advocates of the ‘after-party’. Heavy bass speakers pumping out tunes, standing on top of the sofa/bed and screaming the lyrics at the top of one’s voice. Always an interesting mix when your flatmate next door has changed into her pyjamas, warmed up her takeaway pizza and curled up to begin watching ‘The Xtra Factor’.

So, how popular is the ‘post-party’? Anyone can tell you that after hours of drinking, standing up, dancing and potentially getting soaked by our fine Lancastrian weather, going to bed is a clear-cut, hands-down winner. However, the prospect for food and the need to sober-up a bit first (you can’t fall asleep with your head spinning so much…), are the main reasons to opt for some takeaway-filled, film-watching down-time. And if you’ve never attempted to write an essay while drunk, definitely try it for hilarious consequences in the morning!

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