Physics department mourns the loss of lecturer


Dr. Max Lazarus, a retired member of the Physics department at Lancaster, has recently passed away.

He has been described as enthusiastic and passionate, a respected and charismatic lecturer, a highly valued member of the department and an internationally recognised physicist. Dr. Max Lazarus will be missed for his efforts and contributions to the University.

His passion for the subject has been one of his largest attributes and in 2005 this was recognised on an international scale as he was made ‘Life Senior Member’ of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Based in America, it is quoted on the website as being “the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology.”

Dr. Lazarus also showed a keen interest in posting insightful comments on the ‘New Scientist’ website, offering his educated opinion and sparking debate, adding to the inspiring atmosphere created for students.

Ilja Grishin, physics PhD student and recent achiever of the ‘Dean’s Award for Physics’ is quoted on the departmental website as praising the “wonderful staff” and “friendly and flexible conditions” of the department. All which added to, in his opinion, “a family-like environment that promotes and builds confidence and independence in a student.” Undoubtedly, the contributions of Dr. Lazarus to this ‘family’ will be sorely missed.

As the official statement from the department reads in full: “Max had been a lecturer in Physics since 1968 and has consistently been the favourite of students throughout his many years due to his wonderful eccentricity, his unstoppable enthusiasm for physics, his humour and his kindness. He will be missed by all who were fortunate to have worked with him.”

In Memoriam: Dr. Max Lazarus, Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University, 1968-2012.

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