Students get set for ‘One World Week’


Week 19 signals the return of ‘One World Week’ to campus, an international charity movement aimed at raising awareness of global issues.

Initiated in 1978 by the World Development Movement, One World Week seeks to educate individuals on worldwide problems with the hope that positive change will arise from a better-educated population.

The five day event, organised by a host of students within the university, including JCRs and students from a variety of societies, will involve a different theme, or ‘element’ each day. Monday will signify Trade Justice and Economic Inequality Day, whilst Tuesday to Friday will herald Peace day, Environment Day, Diversity Day and Liberation Day, respectively. Each element is intended to focus on an aspect of life that requires the support of the common people to successfully thrive, reflecting on the notion that we  as a global community need to work together to improve, help one another and stride onwards.

Throughout the week a variety of different events and activities will be available, highlighting the issues represented by each day in question. Caroline Arnold, Furness’ Female Education and Welfare Officer, expressed that the week “celebrates the University’s diversity,” facilitating engagement through a set of fun, touching and educating events.

Monday’s trade justice event will involve a delicious ‘Portions Exhibit’ in Alexandra Square, with free food available from 12-2pm. A faithshare talk at the Chaplaincy centre regarding religion and social change will follow in the evening at 7pm.

Throughout the following day, Peace Day, Lancaster’s Amnesty International Society will be present in Alexandra Square for activities, whilst an Israel-Palestine ‘Question Time’ event will be held later in the evening, offering students the opportunity to present questions on the on-going conflict.

Central to Wednesday’s environmental-based events will be a bike sale in Alexandra Square from 11am-3pm; sequential to this, a two-hour ‘blackout’ in Pendle Quad is planned for the evening. Awareness of environmental issues will be provided by Green Lancaster.

“The idea is that for two hours the quad turn off all their lights and appliances, come downstairs and out into the quad to celebrate with some mellow acoustic music, and actually talk to each other rather than sitting on the computer or texting – everyone is welcome”  stated Pendle JCR official, Rosalia O’Reilly, who is involved with organising the week.

Thursday will mark the celebration of diversity, with an invitation extended to the entirety of the university to Pendle bar during the evening for Lent term’s ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ event. Speaking exclusively to SCAN, organisers of the event have stated  “we’re getting some great acts together, it’s for a fantastic cause.”

One world Week will be joined by YOURlgbtq* on Liberation Day (Friday), during which a YOURlgbtq* campaigns officer will help provide a workshop including fun, interactive means of raising awareness regarding the on-going struggle for liberation within the LGBTQ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer).

This follows on from the awareness raised by YOURlgbtq*  during February, the UK’s official LGBT History Month. During LGBT History month, the association promoted several anti-homophobia campaigns and began work on a Lancastrian rendition of the ‘It’s Time’ video for equal love.

Matt Saint, LUSU Vice President (Equality, Welfare and Diversity) commented that “the week will provide a means of raising awareness of the global community.”

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