Lancaster nightlife picks up the Hustle

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Following the closure of student nights such as Carleton Wednesdays and Cuba, it seems that Lancaster’s nightlife is set to expand.

As well as the reopening of Toast nightclub over Easter, Lancaster’s Hustle recently launched a new student night on Tuesdays.

In light of recent closures, Vice President (Events and Democracy) Olly Trumble told SCAN that the re-launch of Tuesday nights at Hustle as a new student night “is a positive step towards creating a variety of destinations in the city centre” and thinks “that it is positive that the night is being relaunched.”

“Social and Events Groups are working hard to support the local nightlife and are keen to see a variety of destinations in town for students” he added.

Trumble also told SCAN that the Union “are also working to support the city centre this term with a variety of exciting offers available in conjunction with Roses 2012.”

Hustle’s General Manager, John Lawrence, also highlighted the diversity that the launch will bring to Lancaster’s nightlife, telling SCAN that “we hope this is going to add much more content to the standard night-life which is the same week in and week out, by offering a diverse range of content every Tuesday!”

“We’re absolutely delighted at being picked by the students to run the Tuesday nights and can’t wait to get started. There’s nothing we love more than theming the venue every week and we hope people will enjoy dressing up for them as much as we do!” he enthused.

The re-launch also seems to be positively received by students, as second year Accounting and Finance student, Danny Myers told SCAN “I’m glad to see some diversity in Lancaster’s nightlife.” However, he also questioned the lasting impact of the relaunch. “Will it last?” he asked, “does it mean that Sugar will open on a Tuesday?”

Hustle Tuesday tickets will be available from college JCR Social Secretaries and from the LUSU shop from Week 22 onwards. For more information visit:

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