Lenny’s dunnit?!


Remember all that business on the news with a Lancaster student called Lenny Lonsdale last year? You know who I mean, the one who drank anti-freeze in Fresher’s week and went a bit off the rails. Well, it turns out he’s a good mate of Leo Lancaster and after being questioned about Leo’s death Lenny has done a runner.

If you ask me, that’s probably not the best thing for the lad to do when there’s a murder enquiry going on. Apparently the police went to question him after his friend Clara Cartmel was overheard by someone in Barker House Farm leaving a voicemail for Lenny telling him ‘not to hurt Leo.’

It all seems very Jeremy Kyle to me but Leo was found dead shortly after the voicemail and now Lenny is nowhere to be seen. Hmm…

Why would Lenny want to hurt Leo? After all, he wasn’t the one that poured anti-freeze down his neck in a game of Ring of Fire? Leo Lancaster was a close mate of Lenny’s so I’m sure that there’s nothing in it, he’s probably just too upset and wants some space.

It’s only one day after the sad loss of Leo and campus is turning into Midsomer Norton. I hope they find Lenny and put all this suspicion to rest.


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