Little Black Dress Costume Ideas


How many years in a row have you stared into your wardrobe vacantly at about 6pm on the eve of Halloween searching for something (anything) slightly scary to wear that night.

This Halloween the Little Black Dress is your best friend. An ideal style is something like this little number from Bank, encorporating paisley print to keep you on trend over the winter. However, any style of LBD can be transformed into a unique outfit. Here’s how:

Spider- You will need four pairs of black tights, eyeliner and a few pairs of socks for this one.

Start off by stuffing each of the legs of the tights with balled up pairs of socks and then tie around your waist to create eight legs, you can then go pretty heavy on the eyeliner to make yourself look a little scarier. You could even mix some black liquid eyeliner with some red lipstick for some real gothic glamour.

Wednesday Addams- You will need a white shirt and a couple of hair ties.

To channel your inner Wednesday all you need to do is wear a shirt underneath your little black dress-make sure you have the collar poking out. Then tie your hair into two plaits. Easy! You could also try rubbing some dark eye shadow under your eyes to give the appearance of dark circles and add some ankle socks to black brogues if you have them.

Skeleton- Black tights and white paper.

This one requires a little more preparation but will cost you next to nothing. Draw out some bone shapes on the white paper (including pelvis and ribs) then cut them out and pin them to your dress and your tights.

Frankenstein’s Wife- Green face paint and talc.

Firstly cover yourself head to toe in the green paint, wait for it to dry and then put on your dress. Add some dark makeup; why not try black or purple lipstick if you have it? Then carefully add some talc to a thick strip of hair at the side to give it more of a grey colour, this can be held in place with some (lots) of hairspray. If you wanted to go all out you could get some cheap netting from the haberdashery and pin this into your hair as a veil.

Hopefully these ideas give you some Halloween inspiration, most of these ideas can all be adapted to men too, just substitute the dress for black trousers and top.

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