Spine Spotting


All Images by Jay Theis

1. Katherine Ridley, a first year Psychology student rocked up in Alexandra Square with a Beatles top and bag. Although she wasn’t wearing them, she said her wardrobe essential is a pair of boots. Katherine’s Beatles top is her favourite item in this outfit, it was a present for her 17th birthday. Key pieces like this never go out of style.

2. Alex Warlow, an English Literature Student in final year said she takes inspiration from her boyfriend, because he’s “really cool,” she often steals his clothes. An item Alex couldn’t go without are her Chelsea boots, a timeless pair of boots which go with everything. The jeans shown in this photo are from New Look, Alex’s favourite item that she’s wearing.

3. Robert Gibson is a first year Accounting and Finance with Maths student. I loved his denim jacket, which he said was his favourite part of his outfit, from Topman. Robert doesn’t take style inspiration from anyone and can’t go without his suede shoes.

4. I noticed Venetia Wright, a second year Marketing and Advertising student, wearing a hat just near Bowland. Venetia said she loves hats and has 7 or 8. Scott Bannister was with her, his Next trainers are his necessary item of clothing and he always has his backpack with him. Venetia commented that she loved her cardigan, and it used to be her Mums. This is a great idea; rifling through your Mums old clothes can find you some real vintage gems!

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