T’is the Season to be Thrifty


So it’s nearly the end of term and the holidays are on the horizon. Although it may soon be the season to be jolly, Christmas spending can put a serious dent in your finances.  So here’s some top tips to help you get into the holiday spirit without running your bank balance dry.

When it comes to traditional Christmas dinner, let’s face it, nothing will be a patch on your Mum’s. But if you so happen to be a Gordon Ramsey wannabe then feel free to stock up on turkey, carrots and roast potatoes galore. If you don’t fancy going to all that effort- or you just don’t want to risk giving your flatmates food poisoning- you can always hop into town and treat yourselves to a slap up meal. Plenty of places have special Christmas menus that will get you in the mood for the holidays.  Another great alternative to a traditional turkey dinner is to hold a buffet with all your party favourites. We’re talking sausage rolls, mini quiches, satay chicken skewers – the lot. Most of the supermarkets do great deals on buffet spreads, so there’s no reason why we should be celebrating on an empty stomach.

When it comes to decorating your uni home, you don’t have to deck the halls with boughs of holly to give your home some festive cheer.  Last year, my housemates managed to get a five foot Christmas tree from Wilkinsons for a tenner, and the offer is on again this year. Divided between a few of you, it’s a bargain. After all, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree.  Be sure to add plenty of tinsel and there are all sorts of weird and wonderful trinkets on sale at the market which can help give your tree your own special touch.

Now for the biggest penny-saver of them all: presents. Let’s be honest, buying for our friends and family would be a lot nicer if it wasn’t so harsh on our purses. A great way to save some dough is to do Secret  Santa with your house. That way you only have to buy for one, and the added element of mystery makes it more fun.  If you have a talent for all things arty, why not consider making your gifts? Hand-made jewellery, a collage of photos, a magnificent masterpiece of art all have a personal touch and are considerably cheaper than many shop-bought gifts.  If you’re good in the kitchen, why not swap a paint pallet for a mixing bowl, and whip up some tasty treats for your loved ones?  And don’t forget to keep an eye out for Christmas recipes in SCAN Online for some inspiration.  I mean, everyone loves free food, right?

Finally, no matter how you choose to spend your cash this holiday season, be sure to have a very Merry Christmas. After all, it only comes once a year!

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