Man attacked in Hustle


Police in Lancaster have recently appealed for any witnesses to come forward after a 31 year old man was hit in the face whilst in the nightclub Hustle.

As reported in the Lancaster Guardian, the incident happened at around 1.30am on Friday December 21 when the man was standing at the edge of the dance floor. The victim suffered a swollen eye and a nose bleed, requiring hospital treatment after the attack.

On the issue of safety whilst on a night out, VP Equality, Welfare & Diversity Rosalia O’Reilly told SCAN “If you have been the victim of such a case as this I think it’s important to go forward to the police and report it so that they can prevent the culprit repeating the attack on another occasion.”

O’Reilly also gave some general advice for a night out, “to make sure your friends are looking out for each other, don’t walk home alone, if you are going home early make sure you let your friends know, don’t pre-drink heavily, avoid mixing drinks, break up your night with soft drinks, never leave drinks unattended, allow yourself time outside for fresh air, respect other peoples’ personal space and avoid being unnecessarily inflammatory.”

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