Daniel Katri – (VP Activities )


2013.02.22 - FTO Candidates - Photo Jay Theis and Nick Lound-11Daniel Katri believes that he has something to “give back to LUSU after three of the best years of my life here in Lancaster.” Having been both Social Secretary, and President of the Lancaster Bombers, Katri has a clear understanding of the relationship between LUSU and societies, and this past experience has allowed him to step back and consider potential improvements he would like to implement, were he to become next year’s VP for Activities.

In particular, Katri was eager to express his desire to assist new society execs. “I understand that for new execs the processes they have to go through can be difficult, and getting to grips with the ins and outs of the system can be tricky,” explains Katri. One idea voiced by Daniel, is the implementing of more accessible training for a society’s new exec members. “The training and guidance given to execs is a bit lacking. Most of what I learnt as President, I learnt from the previous exec. Communication between LUSU and societies could be better.”

Katri believes that his previous experiences on a sports team’s exec would allow him to successfully make the transition to organising LUSU events such as Campus Fest and the Christmas Market. As social secretary, he was the main organisers for the well-known Lancaster Bombers’ Super Bowl social; one of several experiences that Daniel believes will aid him if he were to become Activities VP. “I have a lot of experience organising events, albeit not on this scale,” Katri admits, but when on to reiterate that his dealings with LUSU have given him an insight into the Union, alongside enough outside perspective to bring his own experiences to the fore. “I think that not being part of the inner workings of it, but getting to see it from the other side as President of the American Football team has given me good experience, and has shown me where things could be better.”

On the subject of the 2014 Roses tournament, Katri had a very clear view of what the expectations would be. “With next year’s Roses being the 50th anniversary, it really needs to be something special,” he insists, “I know that it’s one of, if not the biggest events that I’d be organising. I want it to be a weekend to remember both on and off of the playing fields.” Katri has had experience of both home and away Roses, and made it quite clear which he preferred. “I had a better time last year at home roses last year than I did away at York, probably due to not having to sleep in a lecture theatre.”

Katri has also expressed interest in establishing further relations with local club teams outside of the university, such as recent organised trips to watch Aviva Premiership side, Sale Sharks, which Katri attended. “The Sale game was really good. It was a good experience, and for £6 return you can’t really complain. It was a great night, and Sale benefited from it as well.”

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