Patriots Cup 2013 Preview


The weekend of Week 7 brings with it the largest inter-college sporting competition of the Lent Term: The Patriots’ Cup. This is the fun-filled, semi-competitive event between Furness and Cartmel College, encompassing a wide range of sports and activities from A team football to chilli eating. The 5th Patriots’ Cup is just as hotly contested as the first, and for both colleges, there’s all to play for.

In the history of Patriots’ Cartmel have won twice, Furness once, and one year in which nobody was crowned victorious (we don’t go there!). The 2013 Patriots’ Cup brings a target for both Colleges. For Furness, they have the chance to equalise the standings making it two victories each; whilst Cartmel will be fighting to get their hands back on the cup. Both Colleges are sure to fight harder than ever for a 2013 victory.

Presidents and sports secs have been working hard to ensure that this Patriots’ has something for everybody, with signup sheets taking pride of place in College bars, the focus is on widening participation within the college. Kayleigh Toft, Cartmel’s Female Sports Sec, noted that “This year The Patriots’ Cup is going to be very interesting. Cartmelians have licked their wounds from the defeat to Furness last year. Cartmel teams are performing impressively in the leagues, especially netball A and B teams. We are the college with nothing to lose and the Patriot’s Cup to win. I predict success for the griffin but then again I am slight biased.”

Whatever the outcome the weekend will promise many highs and lows for each college. It will showcase the incredible sporting talent at out University, and I encourage every Cartmelian or Furnessian to get involved, and every other college member to come along for a weekend of brilliant entertainment.


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