Uni commits to Living Wage


Lancaster University has commited to implementing the Living Wage after lobbying by the Lancaster University Students’ Union.

The Living Wage is an hourly rate that is set up independently and updated annually. It is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK.

The current level of the Living Wage is set at £7.45 in the UK, although this increases to £8.55 in London due to higher living costs in that part of the country.

The minimum wage in the UK, in comparison, stands at £6.19; this is £1.26 lower than the current Living Wage.

Employers sign up to the Living Wage on a voluntary basis. The current list of employers agreeing to pay the wage include Deloitte, Unicef, Lush and the Labour Party.

Rosalia O’Reilly, LUSU Vice President (Equality, Welfare and Diversity), told SCAN of her delight at the commitment from the University. She said: “I am really proud that our University have decided to implement the Living Wage. Minimum wage is proven not to be enough to sustain a family on, and it is only right that our workers are given the respect of a full living wage.”

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