CCO Elections


The summer 2013 elections are over, with new people elected into the seventeen available CCO, LUSU and Faculty Rep positions.

Cross Campus Officers are elected to represent students on a variety of issues, with the roles being revamped this year under current LUSU President Ste Smith. Student trustees are elected as part of the governing body of LUSU, and have influence in the direction it will take. Jess French and Michael Palmer were elected in the first round as Student Trustees and Erica Lewis in the second.  Becky Cook, Alex Roberts, Colin Mang and Alex Roberts were elected as LUSU Councillors.

In the Faculty Rep elections, the FASS Rep went into two rounds, with Theodore Sheehey being elected. Colin Mang had a successful night, not only be elected as a LUSU Councillor but also being appointed LUMS Faculty Rep. Jordan Tutor was elected as Faculty Representative Health & Medicine and Yash Todar for Science & Technology. The candidates running for Student Rep on University Council were Fylde College President Simon Clarke and Lonsdale College President Charlie Edwards – Edwards was elected in the first round of voting.

With regards to CCO elections, no candidate was selected in the first round of the LGBTQ* CCO election as no candidate had met the quota; RON’s votes were re-allocated and Anna Lee was elected. CCO for Environment and Ethics was done in two rounds, with candidate Andrew Spence and RON’s votes being reallocated and Orla McKeon-Carter being elected. Tabitha Lyons was elected as Activities CCO, having been the only candidate out of three to appear at hustings. Sarah Sumner, current station manager of Bailrigg FM, was elected into the position of CCO Media & Communications. Damon Fairley ran uncontested and was elected CCO Democracy. Ellen Hedley was elected as CCO Welfare, Layla Faye for CCO Social and Events, Mia Scott for CCO Charity, Omar Anwar for CCO International and Caroline Arnold for Education.

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