LUSU Relocates from Bunker to Bowland West Wing


LUSU have moved into Bowland West Wing ready for the beginning of term. Previously situated in Slaidburn House, LUSU completed the move to its new home at the end of August.

LA1:TV and LUSU Involve, who previously used the space in Bowland West Wing, were temporarily relocated to Ash House whilst refurbishments were taking place.

Bowland West Wing now has open plan offices and a foyer area with seating. LUSU Involve also shares the space, with LA1:TV being moved into Slaidburn House when refurbishments are completed before Intro Week.

Laurence Pullan, Vice President for Union Development, said: “It’s a noticeable change and one that will undoubtedly have a few teething issues, but ultimately it’s a great step forward.

“The many different departments of the Union can now operate in the same suitable space which will be sure to benefit our students. I can only advise students to come in and see the new building for themselves – I have a feeling you will all be pleasantly surprised.”

The new space will also offer SCAN its own working area as well as a break-out space and more room to hold meetings for LUSU Full-Time Officers.

LUSU President Joel Pullan also spoke positively of the Union’s new home, saying: “Three years ago we set out a strategic plan that said we needed a new building to provide better representation, support, opportunities and services for our students.

“It’s a huge positive to have a fit-for-purpose space where our services are more accessible. This should hopefully mean more collaboration between students, officers and staff on projects, initiatives and campaigns. I’m pleased with how the move has gone and I’m confident the new open plan style of office will prove to be the refreshment that our Union has definitely needed.”

LUSU is aware, however, that such a move still does not offer the purpose-built building that it wants. Despite being a called positive step, Pullan noted that Bowland West Wing is still “very much an administrative building.”

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