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CARTMEL (Jonathan Eldridge) – The original Cartmel College residences were previously in County South, but in 2003 relocated to South West Campus, along with Lonsdale. The distance between Cartmel and central campus is not necessarily a bad thing; many students are fond of the sense of community that stems from this. The Barker House Farm complex lies at the heart of eleven accommodation blocks, and is home to the college bar which offers drinks and perfect “morning-after-the-night-before” sustenance. Newcomers can look forward to an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere and will at some point during freshers’ week be expected to adopt the college pose; the Ertz.


BOWLAND (Jensen Tudtud) – Being the first, hence the oldest of all colleges at the University, bestows a certain grandeur to Bowland. Followed by Lonsdale at the early beginnings of a covetable collegiate system, it is the “one that started them all”. Named after the Forest of Bowland and whose emblem is the Bowland Lady, the sense of identity and belonging is evident among Bowlanders. Its rivalry against Lonsdale is as fierce as Lancaster’s to York, tested annually at the Founders Series – a sporting tournament imitated by many in vain. Above all, despite their competitive streak, few will disagree that Bowland is the friendliest of all.

fylde-logoFYLDE (Jessica Kadel) – Formerly known as College 6 back in 1968, Fylde College has progressed to be one of the most embraced and enthusiastic colleges. The Fylde motto “In arvo quaerere verum” – “Seek Truth in the Field” reflects the collective Fylde fidelity. Situated in the heart of campus, Fylde strongly influences the student union and partakes in any event. It’s widely recognised for its sporting success, as the college triumphs most competitions due to the patriotism and pride of each member. This reverence is echoed in the repeated mantra “Fylde ‘til I die” which undoubtedly will be bellowed throughout freshers’ week. The strong sense of community renders Fylde a friendly and convivial atmosphere to immerse yourself in.

lonsdale-logoLONSDALE (Abigail Davies) – One of the two founding colleges of Lancaster University, Lonsdale is an age old legend. Being the only college with a resident DJ, Lonsdale prides itself as the party college on campus. Its 2,500 rooms means it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a wild night out in Lancaster town centre or just a couple of “quiet” drinks at the bar; there is always someone at Lonsdale college who is up for it. Rivalled by Bowland at the annual Founders competition, the Lonsdale team spirit permeates the games. In other words, Lonsdale’s sense of community is what makes it “simply the best”.

furness-logoFURNESS (Heidi Nagaitis) – The Furness college motto “everywhere else is nowhere” rings true for many a Furnessian. Being the smallest college on campus, welcoming around 400 freshers each Michaelmas term, Furness is known for its tight-knit community, something greatly envied by the other colleges on campus. In a recent poll the college bar, Trevor, was awarded the title of “best on campus” – it’s a firm favourite with students and the starting point for the infamous 15 hour bar crawl, a Furness tradition. Tensions run high once a year during Patriots, when Furness takes on arch rival Cartmel in a host of sporting events (the sillier the better), but ultimately ending in a friendly night out. A true Furnessian has a good sense of humour and a penchant for a cheeky beverage, two of the many qualities which makes Furness the best college on campus.

pendle-logoPENDLE (Laurence Pullan) – Pendle was the 7th college founded in 1974 and was so-named after Pendle Hill. The Pendle area is perhaps most well-known for its association with witches, where 9 women were hung after being accused of conducting witchcraft. Pendle College has a proud history of academic and sporting achievements, and the college currently holds the Carter Shield and Legends Shield. The social scene in Pendle is also acknowledged and hosts the only campus-based weekly live music event: Pendle Live, which plays host to some of the best local musical talent. Pendle is a sizeable college with an even bigger heart. Those who are in Pendle often comment on the community feel and the friendliness of staff and students alike. “Altiori Sequamor” is the college motto: Strive to reach the top; and few would dispute that Pendle is a superb well-rounded college at the top of its game.

grizedale-logoGRIZEDALE (Bryony Seager) – Grizedale College was one of the last colleges to be founded at Lancaster University in 1974. Originally twinned with Pendle and with a cartoon rat (named Depravo) as its mascot, a lot has changed at Grizedale since. Now a powerful force around campus in its own right, with shiny new accommodation and a new bar, Grizedale is often a popular choice with incoming undergraduates. Grizedelians are often considered to be a strong political voice on campus along with having a strong sporting spirit. Along with new buildings Grizedale also ditched Depravo the rat and adopted the Grizedale boar as their new mascot, which in turn led to the university famous Grizedale hog roasts!

county-logoCOUNTY (Rachel May Quin) – County College, the greatest college by far, if you believe the tales. We’re certainly the college with the best Hollywood connections, due to one of our alumni going on to play Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy; Mr. Andy Serkiss.  Founded originally in 1968 and named for the Lancashire County Council (arguably the best county in England), County was recently refurbished and modernised, with new blocks of accommodation built where Cartmel used to stand. Whilst our official motto is to do it for the council, most County boys and girls know that above all, we “do it for the tree” – our logo is a homage to the gigantic oak tree that lives in the centre of County Main. Just in case you need further proof as to why County is the best college at Lancaster, our original buildings were opened in 1969 by our lovely Queen Elizabeth.

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