What does your bag say about you?


The Oversized Bag

It might look like your average shoulder bag but items have been known to go missing in there. You can find books, magazines, make-up, headphones, mints, tissues, pens, but try to find your phone? That’s just near on impossible. If you have one of these you’ll be familiar with the daily internal debate between whether you actually need to take that scarf or if you’re only packing it because it would be rude not too with so much room.

The Cambridge Satchel

Trendy and preppy, the perfectly rectangular Cambridge Satchel fits all your books and notepads effortlessly.  Hence, why you thought this would be the perfect bag for campus. However, after trying to pack your lunch inside, you quickly discovered the disappointment of squished sandwiches and broken biscuits, making way for your Subway and Gregg’s addiction.

The Canvas Bag

You care about the earth, not fashion. And if it’s not the earth you care about then you probably just got your canvas bag free at some event during Fresher’s week. Canvas bags are multifunctional and can be used to hold anything, lecture notes and books, Sainsbury’s shopping and even washing on the way to the laundrette. Be warned, you can’t close a canvas bag, so don’t be surprised when you leave a trail of your underwear behind you.

The Designer Bag

The spine is your runway dahlings.  You won’t leave your flat without your beautiful leather bag which you consider your trustiest companion – even your iPhone has a matching designer case. Despite Lancaster’s infamous weather, you have kept your designer bag in mint condition, preferring to shelter in the Library than expose it to the elements.

The Sports Bag

Bigger than most average sized people, amongst your pens and notepad there is always a spare pair of trainers, a protein shake and a copy of Men’s Health which you read religiously. In between lectures you can be found at the gym in the weights room, your second home.

The Rucksack

The rucksack, an epidemic spreading fast, is all about practicality. What’s in it? Anything and everything, like a turtle, wearers carry their lives on their back, prepared for whatever Lancaster throws at them. Chances are you have had the same rucksack for years, hence the mystery stains, rips and various badges that cover it.

The Man Bag

Unlike rucksack wearers, you care a little bit more about style so the man bag (also commonly known as a ‘satchel’) is perfect for you. Your style inspiration is Indiana Jones who taught you how to rock this hands free, relaxed look whilst simultaneously providing you with space to store all your notes.

The Briefcase

You take university seriously; spending the majority of your time in the Management building you like to consider seminars ‘networking opportunities’. Easy to distinguish by the suit and tie combo you rep daily, you drink your coffee black, have the perfect LinkedIn profile and call your mother each and every night.

The ‘No-Bag-At-All’ Bag

You know the guy, rolls out of bed five minutes before the lecture starts, throws some joggers on and off he goes. No bag required, just his trusty biro. If you’re this bloke, chances are you have better things to spend your money on, like jagerbombs at Sugarhouse.

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