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Hannah Smith and Rose Ulldemolins (1st year)

1. Do you think that voting in JCR elections matter?

Hannah: Yes, we had a big talk in freshers’ week from the JCR and they seemed really friendly and helpful. They seem very approachable and I think they make a difference.

2. Do you think it’s right that shops are using size 16 mannequins with flat stomachs?

Rose: No, it’s clearly unrealistic and it might make you feel bad about yourself when you look at a size 16 mannequin with flat stomachs when it’s not realistic.

3. Are lectures becoming redundant if they’re filmed?

Hannah: No, my economics lectures are filmed and it’s really useful if the lecturer goes too quickly. Filming lectures allows you to go back over it when something is difficult to understand.

4. Does construction work on campus annoy you?

Hannah: No not really, I live on campus and they don’t do it late at night.

Victoria Taylor (2nd year), Physics

  1. I don’t think they make as much of a difference as they should. I couldn’t tell you who is on my JCR.
  2. Size 16 mannequins with flat stomachs don’t make any sense. I can understand size 6 mannequins even though I don’t agree with them because the companies are marketing their products aesthetically, but using something that people may deem a ‘normal’ size that looks unrealistic is just wrong.
  3. I would still go to all my lectures. I don’t really see any harm in filming them as it can be useful to look at later on Moodle.
  4. The construction work doesn’t bother me.

Alice Austin (2nd year)

  1. Yes, I think we should vote for JCRs because it’s our choice and different people will do different things within one particular role.
  2. I think it’s good that they’re using actual sizes rather than size 6.
  3. I think I’d still go, if you miss one it’s useful but at the same time there are disadvantages as it doesn’t encourage people to go to lectures.
  4. Not really, I’m never near it.

Jake Rice (2nd year)

  1. No, I don’t really see the difference between JCR members.
  2. I think you’d have to go all the way if you’re going to use bigger sizes, you’d have to make the mannequins as realistic as possible.
  3. I think it’s useful to go back over material, but inevitably some people will abuse it by not turning up to lectures.
  4. Not really, it just becomes white noise after a while.

Charlotte Davis (1st Year) Law

  1. I’m not sure really, I’m still learning about it.
  2. Yea on the whole. I think it promotes a healthier body image.
  3. No you don’t really have the same experience watching it on a screen as you do actually being there.
  4. It does bother me but I suppose if it’s for a good cause then it is ok.

Joel Smith (1st Year) English Language

Joel Smith, 1st Year, English Language
Joel Smith, 1st Year, English Language student, photo by Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
  1. Yea they’re the people you go to if you need help with anything and they have the power to make a difference.
  2. Yea, I work at New Look and we have a separate section for larger sizes and it’s really popular so shops using them universally would be a good thing.
  3. No the experience is different when you’re actually there.
  4. Yes especially when I want to sleep but if it’s for a good reason then I suppose it’s for a good cause.

Arnaud Dubois (Erasmus)

  1. I don’t know.
  2. I don’t know.
  3. We have the same in France and it’s been like that for a while now. People don’t always go but people don’t always go here anyway. It’s certainly helpful for catching upon things.
  4. It seems limited really so when you’re studying you can’t hear much of it and it’s not too distracting but when you’re walking around campus it can get quite annoying.


Samantha Payne (1st Year) Ecology

  1. I’ve not really felt the difference while I’ve been here but I don’t do much sport or anything so I might not be the best person to decide.
  2. It seems a bit unrealistic really to give them flat stomachs, I’m not sure how many bodies are like that.
  3. No it’s good to get your own notes first-hand and it also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions should you need to.
  4. Maybe but you get used to it and you can always block it out.


Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner (2nd Year) Project Management

  1. Yea I think they do and some try really hard but I’m not sure it’s always reciprocated.
  2. I do support above average sizes but a size 16 and a flat stomach seems a very odd body type.
  3. For me being a foreign student they allow me to go back and rewind any words or phrases that I haven’t understood.
  4. I’m not living here so I barely notice it any more.


Christopher Abayomi (1st Year) Chemistry

Christopher Abayomi, 1st Year Chemistry
Christopher Abayomi, 1st Year Chemistry student, photo by Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
  1. Yes without leadership and good organisation the college system may be in trouble.
  2. No not particularly.
  3. Yea, why are we paying 9 grand? It just seems like it’s to do tests and then get a piece of paper at the end of it.
  4. We’ll get the benefit of it, so no not at all.


Michael Roach (2nd Year) European American Management

Michael Roach, 2nd Year, European American Management
Michael Roach, 2nd Year, European American Management student, photo by Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
  1. I contested an election last year and I got the feeling it was more about personality or popularity then policies.  But that might be sour grapes.
  2. The whole fashion industry is pretty warped really. Like do you remember that one from Little Mix who kept on getting stick for being too fat when she wasn’t even fat in the slightest?
  3. I go to every lecture I can regardless but I can see the value of having the recordings. If you drop and pick up new modules it’d help and also if you have a genuine reason for missing the classes.
  4. It doesn’t really interfere with what I’m trying to do. And I suppose it’s something we have to do for a better uni really.

Thank You

We just want to say a big thank you to everyone who kindly let us disturb their lunch/fag break/personal reflection time. We are very grateful for your openness and articulacy.

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