How to wear tricky trends: Neon


Neon fever is back in vogue! Appetising to look at – most definitely! But when my thoughts turn to actually clothing my body in the highlighter hues, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety! You too? If you haven’t already been well and truly put off the neon furor – (I wouldn’t blame you if you had!) – then I shall now show you how you can stand out from the crowd, and rock those richly pigmented colours without losing your modesty … (yes, it is achievable). If this article ain’t floating your boat – and, you know, let’s face it, that heap of unfinished seminar prep isn’t going to complete itself! – then be sure to remember the idiomatic phrase pop of colour!

For this is the key to cracking A/W’s trickiest trend. Indeed, you don’t have to look like a banana to be neon’s most distinguished avant-garde artiste! Yes, that’s right! Next time you reach for that classic go-to outfit – mid-wash skinny jeans with a plain-coloured cami – why not spice things up lil’ bit, and accent your look with a brightly coloured, gunmental statement necklace? If your academic perfectionism extends to the realm of student style, then be sure to match your nail paint to the wow-colour of your pendant. Looking colourful has never been so easy! Oh, and you know your time-honoured smock dress, whether it be vintage print or classic black? Well, it won’t be sorry for the addition of a bold, slim waist belt. Neon makes a contemporary cutting-edge upgrade a piece-of-cake.

Of course, you can tackle this tricky trend in even more subtle and unique ways! Instead of your classic silver studs, why not opt for a pair of canary yellow stone drop earrings? Just sling your hair into a fluffy, loose top knot, and this effortless, I-don’t-care do will instantly reduce the colour impact of your funky ear adornment. As if by magic…

Earrings: Konplott Jumper: Simply Be Necklace: ISME Handbag: Littlewoods
Earrings: Konplott
Jumper: Simply Be
Necklace: ISME
Handbag: Littlewoods

Ever thought of incorporating neon lights into your partaaay make-up regime? Well, the next time you pop on your bondage midi skirt, why not dabble with a bright pink or bold orange lipstick to add the icing to that 70s-inspired, glamorous look? Tip: if you apply a moist lip balm beforehand, this will instantly reduce the pigmentation of your lip colour.

If you like to follow the style motto go big or go home, then not to worry, because help is still at hand! Try and think of the neon trend as a bit of a balancing act! So when it comes to rockin’ a flashy cover-up – whether you choose the cable knit or hooded zip form – team your wow-factor piece with an understated pair of jeans, not forgetting that all-important muted blue or black scarf! Nothing says all-eyes-on-me like an oversized handbag; but if you you’re a bit of an impulsive trend pioneer, then, please, whatever you do, don’t go and buy the biggest and most blinding coloured bag you can find! Instead, seek out one where the design is infused with a neon thread … funky but classy! Of course, if you’re like me, and cannot part with your trusty black or tan tote, then why not accessorise your bag with a neon-inspired charm? Subtle but oh-so-effective!

There you have it, folks! Prized top neon tips that will guarantee to have you looking more angelic and less psychedelic! Okay, I know this one is getting a little bit trite now, but I feel it apt to put it out there as a final instruction to the neon trend: less is definitely more.

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