Long live the sparkles!


The festive season is now over, and unfortunately this has left many of us with an abundance of sparkly impulse buys that we feel we can’t wear again for another year. Yes, sparkles and velvet might stereotypically be reserved for November and December only, but there are few items of clothing that can’t be dressed down and worn again throughout the year. Many of you will be disappointed to know that this doesn’t include Christmas jumpers; it’s a regrettable fact of life that those fluffy snowflake and 3D Santa creations can only be worn through December – there’s not much that can be changed about that. But, as for your black sparkly jumpsuit, the velvet midi dress and red sequinned cami top? These beauties can all be worn – with a casual twist – throughout the coming year.

The rule that sparkles can only be worn in the festive season is made to be broken. The only thing that needs to be remembered is that outside of December, sparkles should be worn in moderation. So, you spent the remainder of your student loan on a beautiful black sparkly jumpsuit, with the promise to yourself that you’d wear it at least five times over Christmas… but you didn’t. Now Term Two has started and you’re worried that it’s a little bit too dressy for a night out in Sugar, but all you need to do it dress it down! Team it with a loose-fit shirt (think tartan, denim, flannel, floral… you get the idea) and either leave it open or tie it casually around your waist. Et voila! The shirt will instantly detract from the sparkles, whilst still adding enough glam for a night out.

The beautiful thing about velvet is that it adds a bit of texture to any outfit that could otherwise be a bit dull. But, like with the sparkly jumpsuit, once the festive season is over velvet can easily be dressed down to make it less ‘New Years Eve Party’ and more ‘Standard Messy Wednesday Night Out in Lancaster’ (let’s face it, we’ve all had plenty of those nights). The difference here is all about the shoes… whereas before the midi dress would have been teamed with a startlingly high pair of platform heels, to casual it down you need to be thinking about boots. Heeled or flat, either is fine, but they need to be chunky – the chunkier the better! Still feeling a bit too Manchester and not enough Lancaster? Try turning the midi dress into a midi skirt by draping a slogan tee over the dress, and adding shape with either a belt or a chic little knot at the side.

Finally, the sparkly, red cami top. The problem here is more about the colour than the actual top itself. The way to rectify this is to team it with the right pieces; before, the little cami top would have been paired perfectly with a cheeky leather skirt, velvet shorts or (if brave) then even a pair of shiny disco pants. But post New Year think denim. Mom jeans to be precise. Simply tuck the cami in, secure with a chunky black belt and add some ankle boots. The shape of the jeans will not only compliment the dainty top, but will also detract from the bold colour of it. Does that sound a bit too scary? Don’t worry – skinny jeans and a leather jacket would work perfectly too.

So there you go – let loose, break the rules and re-wear festive clothes after the festive season. Not only will you save heaps of your precious student loan that you would have otherwise spent on the new season favourites, but you’ll also be able to cling on to the festive season for just a little bit longer… although in a more casual way, of course.

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