Trends that are so last year…


Graphic leggings

First things first, leggings are not the same as trousers. If your top isn’t long enough to cover your bum then step back inside, remove the leggings and replace them with jeans. It’s hard to find an appropriate time to wear leggings out of the house at the best of times and they aren’t always flattering either, so when you add an animal, Aztec or galaxy print to the equation your legs and bum aren’t going to thank you. Leave the graphic leggings back in 2013 and, if you do decide to go there, stick to basic coloured and textured leggings this year!

Crop tops

The crop top isn’t an item of clothing I greet with enthusiasm this January after a month of festivities has sent my washboard abs deeper into hiding. So please let’s leave these midriff-baring tops in 2013, because unless you have killer abs this look too often results in a nasty muffin-top. Stay warm this year and keep that midsection covered.


The peplum has been around for a while now. When it first took off it was flattering and we loved it because it hid a number of sins. Since then it has appeared in every single form, from peplum skirts to peplum coats, tops to dresses it’s been hard to avoid as it creates that desired hourglass shape for everyone, everywhere. On nights out it became the go-to evening piece as groups of girls wore slightly different variations of it, but now it’s time to find a new shape. Rather than covering our bodies in clothes that alter our natural shape this year I suggest we wear clothes that highlight what we already have and emphasise our differences because, come on, no one wants to be a sheep.


I might be bias since my hair is just too short to pull this look off, but in my opinion the topknot has to go. I understand that it’s easy, it’s effortless and a ‘bad hair day saviour’, but more commonly than not it just resembles a bird’s nest piled high on your head. In 2014 I hope to see less of the topknot and more hairstyles of an average height.

Platform trainers

They were around for just a season before high street shops caught on and created their own copies but for what occasion are platform trainers really practical? Real athletes wouldn’t dream of wearing trainers with a platform because they wouldn’t be able to perform in them and women looking for a pair of platforms are unlikely to opt for a style that looks as ugly as many of these. Alone, neither style is distressing; in fact we probably all own a pair of trainers and a pair of heels. But it is when the two are combined together they make a frightening blend. Steer clear.

Nail art

Sigh. I love nail art I really do, but it’s time consuming and oh so fiddly, whatever happened to the simple classic French manicure?

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