Click, Click, SNAP!


Picking up a bargain is on the top of a lot of shopper’s lists.

Whether that be heading to the end of summer sale at Topshop or seeing what you can find on the end of season racks at your local boutiques. I’ve always loved finding a good bargain; especially when it comes to designer and unique pieces.
Before the age of fast money and faster technology, designer outlets were generally the ways that people went about getting more affordable designer goods. Now there are several different ways to do it. I recently discovered all sorts of different websites that offer the potential to purchases designer goods.

There’s – a site that is a little like eBay in design, but is purely for designer fashion goods.

They have every designer brand you could think of from Balmain to Victoria Beckham; with prices differing dependent on how old the item is and what condition it’s in (nothing is accepted in a grotty condition – don’t worry!).
The next website to try is the well know; this differs vastly from in that netaporter gets its goods directly from the designers – and the prices show it! It’s still a great place to sift through all the different collections and really examine what you’re getting for your money.

Other websites to try include and of course, good old fashioned eBay.

I like to browse these websites for inspiration, generally because they provide something a little different to what’s available on the high street. The other option to buying online, and something I’ve been lucky with, is finding a boutique that sells second hand designer clothes. I found my version of the lottery where I’m from and it’s one of my go-to places to look for affordable designer clothes.

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