Golden Globes 2014: The Highlights


One can never get enough of the Fey-Poehler duo, the funny and light-hearted actresses who hosted the Golden Globes show for their second time. Not once did they cross the thin line between funny and offensive, and they turned the night of January 12th into what Tina Fey acknowledged in the end to be ‘a beautiful mess’.

The biggest Golden Globe winner of the night was arguably American Hustle. It received three statuettes altogether: for the Best Comedy or Musical, Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical (Amy Adams) and Best Supporting Actress (Jennifer Lawrence). Dallas Buyers Club followed in second place with 2 statuettes – one for Best Actor in a Drama (Matthew McConaughey) and another for Best Supporting Actor (Jared Leto).

Surprisingly, despite being the most nominated and critically acclaimed, 12 Years A Slave received no acting recognitions and, just before the very end of the show, got away with only an award for Best Motion Picture Drama. That alone made me question what the reason might have been for losing the other six categories- would the hard work and commitment of 12 Years a Slave actors be recognised at the Oscars? Keep your fingers crossed and wait.

The A-star actor Leonardo DiCaprio earned the Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Award for his role in ‘A Wolf of Wall Street’- his fifth movie in collaboration with Martin Scorsese, strengthening the dynamics of this unbreakable and powerful duo. The night was just as triumphant for Cate Blanchett with her victory in Best Actress in Drama category for her role in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. In turn, the director himself was honoured with the Cecil B. DeMille Award which was accepted by Diane Keaton on his behalf.

The three hour Award Show wouldn’t have been half as entertaining if it hadn’t been for the perplexed artists coming onto stage with no speech prepared. As was the case with Jennifer Lawrence, the always GIF-worthy Academy Award Winning Actress. She appeared a little unnerved and in a daze and urged the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to never put her through this again. It took a while for Jacqueline Bisset (Best Supporting Actress in the TV Series Dancing On The Edge) to come onto stage, and her acceptance speech was rather unprofessional and incoherent, protracted by long pauses in which she struggled to find the right words. Maybe the most elegant and stylish of all were the presenters Robert Downey Jr and Jim Carrey, whose jokes saved the day in between the awkward speeches.

But it is still the award season, so more failures on the part of trophy-claiming artists and jokes at their expense are yet to come. With the Oscars quickly approaching, I am becoming eager to see what the Academy Award show holds in store for us. Ellen DeGeneres returns as a host and her enthusiasm about it expressed in her constant tweets reaches out to me and sets my expectations on the highest.

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