SCAN Editorial Application: Head of Photography

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In case of Head of Photography, rather than submitting two pieces of writing I would like to see what you consider to be two best photographs you have taken and two worst (by worst I mean photographs that didn’t work as well as you would have liked them to), all four with a sentence or two on why you think each photo works well or does not and what you like/dislike about it.
The role will require you to head a team of photographers, who will respond to assignments requested by the section editors.
The role will also require you to:

  • Work closely with the SCAN Editor, Assistant Editors and Web Editor and keep them informed on the progress of your photographers.
  • Liaise with section editors to ensure images they have requested are available and relevant.
  • Provide section editors with a detailed list of photographers, highlighting specialists relevant to their sections.
  • Search relevant sources on the internet for any additional photographs or images.

Applicants should be creative, enthusiastic and have excellent administrative skills. They should be able organise a team and ensure that team sticks to strict deadlines. An understanding of photojournalism is preferable. Photography experience is highly desirable.

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