SCAN Fashion-O-Meter (Week 6, Summer)


The New Black

• Gravy: We have an addiction on our hands but thankfully us northerners are all in the same boat. The gravy boat that is…

• Elections: Blue, red, yellow or green? No not the parties, what block colour to wear when you go to vote. It’s gonna be glam.

• Tropical Prints: Not just for the overdone shite shirt nights. Big. This. Summer.

• Smoothies: The fruit theme continues…. this time it involves cleaning your blender for an hour a day. Hurray!


Croc Equivalent

• The Movies: The price of a 3D film cinema ticket is similar to the cost of tuition fees. And both take up about two hours of our week. Fewer films more focus!

• Short shorts: If the barely-there vests and overdone sunbed tans weren’t bad enough already we’ve got #lads in the smallest shorts imaginable and they’re unsightly. Keep ‘em in Ibiza, boys.

• Headphones: Just because you’ve got Beats by Dre doesn’t mean you can blast them so loud that the whole train can hear Kiesza’s Hideaway involuntarily.

• The Death of Lucy Beale: We miss her and Lauren’s matching suits. RIP and our love to Ian.

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