Event: Dinner with Industry


One of this year’s biggest employability event will come later on this month, during week 8.  The ‘Dinner with Industry’, hosted by the Bright Futures Society, has been running for nine years straight and has always managed to outdo itself every time, growing in prestige and recognition due to the opportunities it provides. It gathers 60 students with 20 top employers.  “I am very proud of our flagship event”, said Giulia Ravasi, President of the Bright Futures Society, “student tickets have sold out in only three weeks and we are looking forward to this night!”

This year, employers include IBM, PwC, Deloitte, Barclays, TKMaxx, as well as various entrepreneurs from North-West England SME’s. Expedia will also participate, and it will be the first time this company will come to Lancaster University. Former alumni representing the companies they work for will also be present, and will be prepared to ask any questions about the experience they have had in their given career. On top of this, several careers consultants from the University are bound to attend, acting as intermediaries between the students and the prospective employers. The event is a great opportunity for students to obtain information on working for these specific companies in the future.

Other than providing career opportunities for all attendees, the Dinner with Industry is one of the largest networking events hosted at Lancaster throughout the whole academic year. Networking is an essential skill when looking and applying for jobs; this event has proven to be a great opportunity for people to improve their communication skills and make contact with people who can help them out in their career path. In the past, this event has been very important in encouraging students to make lasting connections and gather information on each company from their representatives and employees.  On top of providing career opportunities for all attendees, this night in particular is also a chance for people to bolster their Lancaster Awards achievements as a networking opportunity, making attendance even more advantageous.

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