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As a rule, the word ‘Lifestyle,’ covers a bit of everything. It’s basically the way you live your life. Most websites focus on different sections, whether it’s fashion, travel or food but you rarely find a website that has it all; a little bit of everything that you can go to for a quick fix. Don’t worry, the hard work had been done for you! Here’s a list the best go-to lifestyle websites.

This social network allows you to create your very own online mood board. This website is a great way to store or ‘pin’ photos that inspire you from other people’s profiles onto your own. It’s like your own, personalised website and once you’ve pinned something you know it’s not going anywhere!

Founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop is an e-commerce company and blog which allows you to subscribe to weekly publications. Though this website is based in the United States meaning many things aren’t relevant to us in the United Kingdom and it’s true their online store wouldn’t do our student loans any favours, Miss Paltrow has without a doubt created a lifestyle powerhouse.

Martha Stewart
If we mention Goop, then we absolutely have to mention Martha Stewart, who is hailed the Queen of Lifestyle. The website has a simple layout meaning you can find what you need quickly and easily. Martha is also an author and publisher of many books and the monthly magazine Martha Stewart Living so she knows what she’s talking about.

The Everygirl
There’s no denying that some websites can be quite difficult to read.The Everygirl is user friendly, easy to navigate and keeps blog posts basic so it’s readable but still informative and interesting. It covers everything from managing your finances to applying for internships and even has tips for finding cheap travel tickets.

Mr Porter / Net–A–Porter
These two websites are simply your daily dose of cool. Originally retail companies founded by Natalie Massenet (Mr Porter for men and Net–A–Porter for women) they have since expanded to contain lifestyle segments ‘The Journal’ and ‘The Edit’ on their respective websites. If reading blogs isn’t really your forte then their YouTube channels provide video content on a weekly basis which is sure to get you inspired.

The Art of Manliness
This one is for the boys. After searching high and low for lifestyle websites aimed at men, I think I’ve found the one. It’s got a bit of everything: from creating the perfect tie, shirt and suit combination to entering a room like a boss. It’s light hearted and comedic so it’s a quick and easy read which I think even girls will enjoy.

While The Art of Manliness has a tips-and-tricks feel to it, Valet gets to grips with cocktail making, affordable denim and packing. A feature that puts Valet up there with the best lifestyles websites is their interaction with their readers through the ‘Ask Valet’ section. This is a great way to ensure you’re able to read content that interests you by simply submitting a question giving the Valet editors ideas for what to write about next.

Huffington Post
If you’re wanting a more newspaper like feel to your reading, then the Huffington Post is your best bet. It covers everything. And when I say everything, I really do mean everything. It is more on the formal side and really does feel like your reading a newspaper but if you want one website that you know you can rely on, then this would be my recommendation.


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