Gwyn Day Seminar


It’s that time again; we are in October, the period where all final year students are immersed in the act of applying for summer internships and graduate programs. “What do I want to do after uni?” “Where do I want to work?” These are some examples of questions students ask themselves during these months. For students wanting to go into consulting, investment banking and legal training courses most firms have their application deadlines at the end of November.

On Tuesday Week 2, application expert Gwyn Day came to Lancaster to guide an interactive seminar organized by LUIFS (Lancaster University Investment and Finance Society). Gwyn Day lead a terrific one-and-half hour long seminar. Gwyn is a former Head Bond Trader, working for British, American and Japanese Investment Banks. He is a Trainer of Trainers in Neuro Linguistics which focuses on how changes in language and behaviour, both verbal and non-verbal, can determine the results you get in your interaction with others. He has worked with international politicians, senior business executives and international negotiating teams. Using a “learning by doing” technique he covered all aspects of CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews and Assessment Centres.

During the seminar, students were asked to group up in teams and perform typical tasks that are necessary in an application process. By avoiding a descriptive approach, but using very interactive and engaging techniques, Gwyn was able to fully motivate all of the students.

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