Review: Richard Herring – Lord of the Dance Settee (the Dukes)


To members of the internet generation, Richard Herring is probably best known for making fun of Alan Sugar on Twitter and playing snooker against himself in the basement. Both of which are marvellous achievements in their own right but it turns out he’s an accomplished stand-up comedian as well. Now 47, he’s been performing comedy since his 20s and this comes across in his latest show ‘Lord of the Dance Settee’ – named after a mishearing of the hymn’s lyrics – which is performed with the confidence that comes with experience.

The night was full of hilarious daftness like audio-slapstick as well as glorious nit-picking. A highlight of which was a takedown of the persecuted men who take to Twitter on International Women’s Day to bemoan the lack of International Men’s Day. Turns out International Men’s Day is on November 19th. This is a fact that Herring reminded the audience repeatedly with great comic effect, making his frustrations on the topic clear. A similar anger is also briefly directed at the current Government’s treatment of the mentally ill.

Herring covered a variety of subject matter but he threaded it together cohesively and finished on a song and dance number: a rock and roll version of Lord of the Dance – which when played quickly has a remarkable resemblance to Fall Out Boy’s ‘Dance Dance’. This brought together the shows themes with a series of call backs, nicely finishing off an excellent hour and a half of comedy.

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