Making the Most of the Mo


First and foremost, let’s be frank: I hate moustaches. I think they’re creepy looking and there’s something about them that just makes my skin crawl. However, given that the increasing popularity of Movember has propelled the ‘tache onto campus and into my life, I feel like it’s about time for some moustache guidance to be administered. The campaign has raised about men’s health issues and it’s raised a lot of money for related causes, so it’s difficult for me to be truly upset with the mo. In order to do my best to help with the Movember effort, it seems about time for some guidance to be given for anyone attempting to gain some upper lip decor this month by highlighting some celebs that have mastered the art of facial fuzz.

Maintain the mo

A perfect ‘tache won’t just spring up overnight, nor will it appear without any effort on your part. A truly great mo requires maintenance and supervision – you might even want to invest in a little moustache comb. Whatever your approach, the path to a brilliant mo will rarely come without obstacles that must be overcome.

Go hard or go home

Not everyone’s moustache attempts will be successful. For many, you will try to grow but your mo’ just won’t show. It’s worth remembering that this is really more about charity and awareness than it is about improving your appearance, so persevere! Wear your gross pubey ‘tache like a badge of honour and stick it out til the end of the month when you can free your face.

Have fun with it

As previously stated, Movember definitely isn’t about improving your appearance; it’s about being charitable and raising awareness. With that in mind, you can’t really take your ‘tache too seriously. Maybe you should try Hulk Hogan or Salvador Dali styling? You could even take inspiration from fictional characters, channeling Super Mario or Dick Dastardly to add some comedy value to your face.

Ellie Vowles

Deeply unfashionable and chronically unable to take things seriously. A lover of travel, music, food and anyone who will listen to me talk about things.

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