Beyonce For Topshop


Growing up I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Beyonce. Fierce and sassy, beautiful and kind, a performer and a role model; I’m almost certain I cant be the only one with a guilty crush on her! But she isn’t the only one to have a claim on my heart and maybe my wardrobe too, for Topshop, my favorite go-to store is equally as dear to me. A store I cannot leave without making an unnecessary purchase that defies practicality and Lancaster weather.

Up until now these two passions of mine have remained unconnected but everything changed last week when Phillip Green, owner of Topshop, announced the brand are launching a new partnership with Beyonce, creating a line of “athletic street wear” set to hit the shops autumn next year.

Now if anyone knows a thing or two about being an active woman, it’s Beyonce. Devoting hours of her life to dancing, rehearsing and training for tours and performances on top of being a mother and wife, she surely knows a thing or two about sports and dance wear.

On her most recent tour, Beyonce seemed to have a well-established go-to outfit; leotards and tights. Albeit a little more unconventional than your typical ballet style ones, bets are on that the two are sure to make an appearance in her collection.

This isn’t the first time Beyonce has shown some appreciation for our British brand Topshop either. Earlier this year she hit the Oxford Street store and went, like I did at the age of 14, a little crazy for the brand.  Spending three hours in there, she swept the floors and picked up a whole wardrobes worth of clothing. In the following days photos emerged of her in various ensembles which, inevitably, all sold out.

I can only imagine the same will happen when her active-wear eventually hits stores next autumn. However, with so little details currently revealed it seems until then we must wait in eager anticipation. With a reputation too for surprising her fans, Beyonce has sure set expectations high. So here’s to a year of speculation and surprises, may it all be worth it!

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