Dressing for…Spring in Lancaster


Whether your year has flown by or Week One seems like a lifetime ago, third term is finally here and has brought the sun with it! Sitting on the steps in Alex Square eating ice cream, or lying on the grass claiming to be taking notes, I think we can all agree that campus in the sunshine is a beautiful sight and a lovely place to be. Let’s not forget this is Lancaster though, and the weather can take a turn for the worst and send you running inside at a moments notice. Dressing for spring in Lancaster is different to dressing for spring anywhere else, this is the season when deciding between tights or socks can result in a make or break situation. And with exams to revise for, there just isn’t time to worry about what to wear. Thanks to the following guide, you won’t have to!

1. Layering is key for spring. You want lots of light layers that you can easily remove when the sun is high in the sky, but an extra shirt or cardigan you can throw on when you end up in the shade. The layers will keep you covered in case it starts to rain, but the lighter fabrics will still allow you to feel the breeze.

2. Your shoes can easily change how appropriate your outfit is for the season. If you’re not quite ready to get your legs out and still want to wear your jeans, opt for sandals to lighten up your ensemble. On the other hand, if you’re feeling ready for the beach and want to wear your new summer dress now, try pairing it with ankle boots for an alternative and edgier look.

3. Sunglasses are encouraged! Not only do you need to protect your eyes, sunglasses make everyone look just a little more glamorous. Take advantage of the cloudless skies and make sure you have a pair of sunglasses on your head, in your bag, or on your face at all times!

4. Follow nature’s lead with colour. Banish your black, navy and dark grey clothes to the bottom of your drawer. The flowers have bloomed in every shade, so make sure your outfit is just as light and bright.

So there it is, your unofficial wardrobe rulebook of dressing for spring in Lancaster. And as for the tights and socks debate, whatever you decide with maybe stick the other in your bag just in case!

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