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“After a death occurs, an enigmatic man is in a race against time to unravel the clues at his disposal and unveil the culprit before it is too late.”

Post-Mortem is the essence of LUFP’s values: collaboration in the name of film. With four writers working together to create the final script and a crew of very varied skill sets, it is a true team effort where everyone lent a hand in almost aspects of both pre- and post-production. In an effort to prove engineers can do more than just numbers, the dedicated Tom Dykes takes the lead role, his cheeky and playful nature on set balanced out by the ever-ready and brilliant Thea Nygård. With a few surprises under its belt, Post-Mortem promises to be one of the most daring and visually stylistic projects LUFP has undertaken to date, as it simultaneously pays tribute to and parodies the film noir genre. – Elena Jones, Production Manager

Post-Mortem stars Tom Dykes, Thea Nygård, and Jamie Mills. It was written by Matt Hardman, Paul Henry, Jonathan Hermitt, and Elena Jones. It was Directed by Matt Hardman. Production Manager was Elena Jones.

Counting Candles



“Dale, the pessimistic and lethargic loner, is 20 today. Dale, the popular and charismatic extrovert, is also 20 today. One room. Two very different celebrations.”

Counting Candles is the longest LUFP project produced in the 2014/15 academic year. Everyone knew this film had to get made from the moment the script was read. Brilliantly written with many laugh-out-loud moments, Counting Candles is a glimpse into the lives of two guys. Both Dale, the pessimistic and lethargic loner and Dale, the popular and charismatic extrovert are celebrating their 20th birthday.  One room – two very different celebrations. Of course there can’t be a party without various friends: hyperactive Gillian, dopey Gil,sarcastic Jaz, drunk Ben and clumsy Edd all contribute to very interesting interactions. With a big cast and crew the set was almost it’s own party with many laughs. The crew worked very hard to figure out the fundamental difficulties of shooting, such as cake continuity and banana placements! Counting Candles is a look into a party with many different personalities, some of which can probably be found in your lives. – Lea Kehrer – Production Manager, Assistant Director

Counting Candles stars Ishan Ganjoor, Joseph Woodcock, Charlotte Larner, Tom Dykes, Pulca Bennington, Jamie Mills, Vitali Bokov, Elena Jones, and Nicky Wilson. It was written by Will Johnson and Directed by Matt Hardman. The Production Manager was Lea Kehrer.




“When the poems of the introverted Marlow fall into the hands of the work-swamped Jessica and the lovesick Molly, they are each compelled to change their lives either for the better, or for the worse.”

LUFP’s debut project, Sundown, was established in October 2013 when the society was virtually brand-new. The project –conceived as an ambitious film ‘experiment’ – brought together a group of approximately twenty strangers from a diverse range of academic backgrounds who all shared a keen interest in film production. The team, including three writers and three directors, endeavoured to choreograph and execute the complex, interweaving stories of three troubled University students as they are met with a series of unanticipated events and chance encounters: Sundown is fundamentally an exploration of how even the smallest choices, mistakes and twists of fate can have the profoundest effect on the course of our lives.  – Matt Hardman: Co-Director + President of LUFP

Sundown stars Ethan Bates, Ellie Berry, Bella Ward, Dylan O’Rourke, Beccy Websdell, Phoebe Nicholson-Pallett, Tom Evans, and Palina Malash. It was written by Selim Maclean, Will Johnson, and Alex Wu. Directors were Tom Fuller, Matt Hardman, and Fri ThaungKyaw. Production Managers were Matt Hardman and Lea Kehrer.

All That Remains



“A routine therapy session takes a hostile turn when a soldier is forced to confront his past…”

All That Remains tells the story of how a soldier, after suffering a trauma on his latest tour, is confronted with his past and, with the guidance of his therapist, learns to face what happened. After 6 months of pre-production work, countless script rewrites and several months of editing under the watchful eye of a perfectionist team, the cast and crew are finally able to unveil their hard work. This film allowed LUFP to become a community of bi-continental film makers after the editors for All That Remains returned back across the Pond after their “semester abroad” – taking with them a deep love for the joy experienced when filming at dawn on a wintery Lancashire morning. With a stellar cast of Alexander Varey and Charlotte Larner, All That Remains is a dramatic exploration of human nature’s most destructive emotions and takes a closer look at what remains of a soldier’s life once he loses it all.” – Elena Jones, Production Manager

All That Remains stars Alexander Varey and Charlotte Larner. It was written by Elena Jones, and Directed by Angelo Cupani. The Production Manager was Elena Jones.

A World Without


“Four people begin a search for emotion, unaware of forces controlling their lives, plunging them into A World Without”

In October 2014, production began on LUFP’s A World Without, a drama following student Anna in her search for emotive photography.  Both old and new society members formed a collaborative team of enthusiastic filmmakers and with an already established script, the project was quickly cast and commenced shooting during the Michaelmas term. Battling through all kinds of harsh weather and varying terrain, the team gradually pieced together this film of fractured identities and loss: “As she attempts to rid herself of her ex-obsessive boyfriend, photographer Anna becomes locked in a battle of emotions, until something inexplicable takes control of their lives…” A World Without questions the stability of modern relationships against the onset of technology, and reveals how desensitised people can become to reality and themselves.

A World Without stars Chiara Wakely. Jamie Steele, Vitali Bokov, and Jess Turton. It was written by Will Johnson, and Directed by Fri ThaungKyaw. Production Manager was Sian Bradley.

Nerve Endings


 “Troubled by the loss of his girlfriend and a fractured relationship with his father, James sinks deeper and deeper into a whirlpool of guilt and remorse…”

The original concept for Nerve Endings was fairly simple. It would focus on the life and more specifically the well-being of a university student, James, after he had gone through a traumatic event. With the help of a few writers, that idea has developed into a story of how James has coped after the tragic death of his girlfriend. It revolves around his strained relationship with his father and his perhaps complicated relationship with his girlfriend prior to her death. For many of us working on the project, this film was the first we had ever made. It has been a learning experience for all of us and we hope we have produced a short film that people can enjoy.

Nerve Endings stars Guillermo Katz, Charlotte Larner, and Walker Zupp. It was written by Sam Fletcher, Yoana Nesheva, Walker Zupp, Chandler Yang, Christina Mellor, Sarah Wagstaffe, Chiara Wakely, and Kai Yee-Ni. It was Directed by Sam Fletcher and Yoana Nesheva. Production Manager was Nicky Bowman.

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