What to do after your exams?


As exams are underway it is always nice to have something to look forward to, to prevent the revision blues getting on top of you. So I’ve made a list of things to do after the exams, to prevent weeks of lounging in bed all day. Here are 5 suggestions of ways to spend your last weeks at uni doing something, (which may or may not be productive) but that should make you feel as if you haven’t wasted your time).

We are all excited about Extrav (and the added thrills of themes to be released) but this is definitely something to look forward to after your exams. One wild night to remember, including dressing up ridiculously in ways you wouldn’t normally be seen, dancing in the bars with random people from your college who you you’ve never seen before, and drinking the bar dry. How else better to celebrate the end of year?

Williamson Park and the Ashton Memorial
For me, this is on the list purely because I hardly ever leave campus if I don’t have to (lazy first year over here), so this is a reminder to actually explore Lancaster. I have been told that Williamson Park is one beautiful place for a walk (or workout if you’re that way inclined). The park is open 10am – 5pm, composed of 54 acres, and makes for a lovely day out (or so I’ve heard). There’s the added bonus of a Butterfly House on the grounds as well as the possibility of ice cream and cake at the café. Rope in a couple of your flatmates and make a day of it.

Lancaster Castle
On the subject of visiting places in Lancaster take a trip to the Castle. It used to be Europe’s longest-serving prison until it closed in March 2011. It is here that the famous Witch Trials and executions were carried out in the 17th century, and it is here that George Fox (think big building near the management school) was imprisoned for 2 years for blasphemy and refusing to fight for the Republicans against Charles II. It is open 9.30am – 5pm with tours running regularly but there may be restrictions on entry some days since it still operates as a Crown Court. Situated in the middle of town near Waterstones and the train station, it’s really easy to get to and entry is less than a tenner too!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
To explore a little further afield why not use your Purple card and save money on a wristband for entry into Blackpool Pleasure Beach? With rides such as ‘The Big One’ to entertain the adrenaline junkies and less terrifying amusements such as ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ there is certainly something for everyone. There are also a myriad of places to eat including Burger King, and Yoomoo Frozen Yoghurt. After you’ve got the adrenaline high you were looking for there’s always time to have a wander down the beach before hopping on the train back home.

A Picnic
An oldy but a goody, what’s better then grabbing a couple of your friends and heading down to Lake Carter for a good, old fashioned picnic? All you need is a couple of rugs, some cutlery and plates (even plastic ones from Sainsburys) and some food. If everyone brought one or two dishes that would make sure there was enough, plus there was variation at the dinner table/rug. As there are BBQs behind Bigforth Farm there’s also the possibility to show your friends your culinary skills as you successfully cook burgers and sausages. If the weather’s good this would be a really easy, and cheap thing to do – plus you can get a bit of sun bathing done at the same time.

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