The Sugarhouse Reopens


Lancaster’s resident student nightclub, the Sugarhouse, opened for the first time last week since Storm Desmond hit.

The reopening took place on Wednesday of Week 11 with the Christmas party that was originally going to be in the final week of Michaelmas term before the club was hit by flood waters. The flood left the club with a lot of damage needing to be repaired as well as a great amount of mess to clean up.

Throughout the holidays the Sugarhouse underwent several repairs to get it ready for its relaunch event. The maintenance that took place in the club is as follows:

The dance floors around the venue were replaced as well as the rest of the floors being re-carpeted. The shot bar in the front room was removed and rebuilt along with the removal of the DJ booth and lighting desk in the main room. The booths in both rooms were all scrapped and were replaced.

Various promotional materials around the club as well as several pieces of electronic equipment such as cash counters and printers had to be removed and replaced. Lighting equipment was also replaced as well as around a third of the sound equipment including bass speakers and amps. A further £10,000 worth of stock was also destroyed.

The vice-president of Union Development for LUSU, Tom Stapleton, said this about the Sugarhouse reopening:

“We’re delighted to be able to get The Sugarhouse open again after last month’s flood. Sugar is such an important part of life here and we know that loads of our students would have been gutted if it couldn’t open. Getting the club ready has been hard work but our team has pulled out all the stops to make it happen.

The club is the biggest and safest venue in the city and we know it would have left a huge void if we hadn’t been able to open. We hope nothing like this happens again, and our sympathies are with businesses that are still picking up the pieces after Storm Desmond.”

Sugar’s themed nights continue this term, with Whoops Wednesday offering the cheesiest floors fillers in the Clubroom with DJ Wez Priceless and old school RnB in the front room with Neil Jackson and Jack Sprigg.

Fridays belong to Old’s Cool with old school classics played by Ant Already in the Clubroom with DJ2J offering up RnB and current hits in the front room.

“Escape” on Saturdays is presided over by the resident DJ, Soundslave, with House, Bass House and Progressive Soundslave in the Clubroom with Michael Sutton playing RnB and Hip Hop in the front room.

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