The Dukes Launches Crowdfunding Campaign


The Dukes have launched a crowd-funding campaign to produce a new original play entitled The Ockerbys On Ice. The play written is written by Debbie Oates, the writer behind The Dukes recent adaptations of Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol and Treasure Island, as well last year’s live episode of Coronation Street celebrating ITV’s 60th anniversary, and tells the story of a man who wins a shot at immortality – by being the first ever person on British soil to be cryogenically frozen.

The Ockerbys On Ice is described as “a fascinating, funny and tender play exploring how far someone would go to be with the one they love” which “will tuck into meaty questions of immortality, cryogenics, human identity and the issues faced by a couple having to make a life/death decision”. The Dukes Artistic Director, Joe Sumsion said: “Encouraging originality is central to our success. So many small cities have lost their producing theatres in recent years, so encouraging new work is key to staying relevant and indispensable to our area.”

The Dukes, which is a registered charity, has already raised £15,000 towards its production target of £25,000 and has now launched a month-long crowdfunding campaign. You can donated online at or at The Dukes box office.


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