Single Review: Victoria Sponge, ‘Talk About Tonight’

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Here at SCAN we like to stay humble, we have to, it’s our duty as student journalists to retain our integrity at all times. Remaining unbiased is one of the challenges of writing about anything in any newspaper because the news should not have an agenda. The news should simply be reported. In these trying times I believe that SCAN has remained steadfast in this respect. So let’s continue the good work with another piece designed purely to keep you, the reader, up to date with current affairs:

Ex-SCAN music editor Chris Irvine and his band, ‘Victoria Sponge’ (a brilliant name if I may add), have released their latest single, ‘Talk about tonight’, complete with a lyric music video (great editing). The song details a lot of the peaks and troughs surrounding a night out. It elicits that euphoria of having “the time of my night” cascading all the way down to your drink over-fizzing and being left with the inevitable sticky fingers that can embody both great and rubbish nights out.

It’s a catchy fun track that wouldn’t be out of place at any pre-drink session. The band themselves recommend you turn up the volume and I have to say that is a great recommendation indeed. You’ll find yourself nodding along and tapping out the chorus in no time at all and you’ll soon be kicking yourself for letting it worm its way into your head. But the truth is you never had a say in the matter, Victoria Sponge got you, they got you good.

So take a little sonic sample of what these guys have to offer, and get hooked on the sticky sugary goodness that is, ‘Talk About Tonight’:

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