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Autumn when you’re in the North seems to be fleeting. One day you’re in crop tops and open-toe shoes, and the next you step out your door in the morning to find that somehow winter happened overnight, and you best run back in and grab your thick coat. Nevertheless, I always consider autumn to be my favourite season. The summer makes me miss my ankle boots, tights and snuggly oversized jumpers, at least for those two weeks I can wear them out without having to bundle myself in a fur coat and wander around campus resembling Jon Snow. However, one thing that I can always play around with is my makeup. Rain or shine, I’ll always have my game face on. Unless the weather gets so sinister I consider a balaclava, but thankfully that hasn’t happened as of yet.

Daily autumn looks in terms of makeup stick to the same classics, one of them being the shift in lipstick colours from the natural summery shades to the darker tones. For me, a dark red never goes out of style, and neither do the soft brown nudes we’ve been seeing a lot of over the past year. Lip colour is a great way of making a statement with your makeup, and can look great with a minimal eye look or a bold one — an easy way to make yourself look a little more put together in the morning if you’re rushing out the door. If you’ve never tried the darker lip, find a shade in your favourite brand and formula and test it out, it’ll probably suit you better than you think!

Bronze eyes are another trend that just shifts seamlessly from season to season, same with the crisp dark eyeliner. Halloween however gives you a bit of an excuse to get playful, whether you’re bold enough to try it on a busy day of lectures, or just reserve it for the night out. Drawing inspiration from the previous fashion weeks this year, one thing people seem to be loving is glitter. This one in particular might be best saved for Sugar, unless you’re up for walking into a seminar looking vaguely like Ke$ha from back in her heyday. Barry M have a great range of loose glitter pigments in whatever colour you feel will best match your outfit, and when swept over the eyelids, under the eyes or around the cheekbones they can definitely draw attention. This is also a great way to spice up any Halloween outfit, whether it requires face paint or not. Warning though — it’ll be December and you’ll still be finding it everywhere!

Graphic eyeliner is another trend spotted on the runways this year, and is one that’s been making its comeback for a while. Bold lines drawn not only on the lid, but also asymmetrical to the eye in various angles was a popular look on models, and a quick google will give you a thousand ideas. Trying different colours also gives a bold statement look; try skipping the black and going for a bright blue or green when you go for the cat eye and it might give you a pop of colour when the weather’s looking a bit grey!

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