Interview: Tiff Stevenson


Tiff Stevenson, a stand-up comedian, actor and writer has already started her six-month UK comedy tour ‘Seven’. Touring from 30th September 2016 to 11th March 2017. Tiff Stevenson has often appeared on our television screens, on programs such as Russell Howards Stand Up Central on Comedy Central and Mock The Week on BBC Two. She has also has made regular appearances on Radio, for example Comedy Club on BBC Radio 4 Extra and Front Row on BBC Radio 4.

Having previously performed this show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year for one month, her show ‘Seven’ explores themes such as morality, modernity, vanity and mental health. Her light-hearted approach to these topics is what will entice you to watch this show. Stevenson uses recent news stories and tweets from her social media to guide you through her mind-palace of both her comic capabilities and political stances. ‘Seven’ was inspired by a previous show she performed in Paris, just one month prior to the Bataclan attacks, this then lead to the incentive of her writing ‘Seven’.

Recently SCAN interviewed Tiff Stevenson about her up coming show. We wanted to know ‘What gave you the inspiration for the show? And where did you get your ideas from?’ and She replied, “I came up with the title ‘Seven’ as it was my seventh solo show. I also started playing with the idea that most stand up routines have one of the deadly sins at their core, I then realised I had a draft folder full of tweets in the aftermath of the Paris attacks so I decided to hang the show around those whilst exploring the seven deadly sins” SCAN also asked  ‘What are your aims for the show? And what do you want the audience to take away from it?’ Tiff replied with “To make people laugh and think about things in a different way”

The Mirror, The Sunday Herald and Funny Women has rated this show ***** and has described it as ‘a hilarious, provocative, important hour of stand-up from one of the best in the business.’

Tiff Stevenson’s show ‘Seven’ will be in Lancaster on the 28th of October 2016.

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