Merry Christmas! Lancaster University is raising tuition fees.


Lancaster University course pages have revealed that tuition fees will rise in the 2017/18 academic year – and are likely to keep rising in future years.

For UK and EU Students, tuition fees will now cost £9,250 per year. This is an increase of 2.8% from the previous rate of £9000, which fees had been set at since 2012.
University course pages also point out that tuition fees “are likely to increase each year.”

It is not yet clear whether the fee increase will affect all students, or just students joining the University in 2017.

The change in fees comes after the Department for Education quietly changed the regulations to allow Universities to increase fees. The change was made with no announcement, prompting Lib Dem Leader, Tim Farron, to accuse the government of “avoiding scrutiny and debate.”   

In October, a University spokesperson told SCAN: “We are very much aware of the costs of investing in a degree at a leading UK university.”

“We are confident that this investment has a strong and positive return for students and we have been working hard to ensure our graduates get good jobs that enable them to pursue their careers of choice when they leave Lancaster.”

LUSU have opposed a fee increase in the past. In October, VP Education – Nick Dearman – said: “We have made it clear to the university that we are vehemently opposed to any increase in fees.”

“Fee increases are only one part of the biggest changes to higher education in a decade and we are dedicated to informing our students about everything that is going through parliament at the moment throughout the first term.”

The University of Central Lancashire and The University of Cumbria both advertise the new higher fee on their website, while The University of York still says fees are “expected” to rise.

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