President: Ben Goldsworthy


Ben Goldsworthy was unable to attend any of the interview times offered by SCAN.

In lieu of an interview, Goldsworthy was invited to provide a short statement, which is printed below:
“It was either this or get my eyebrow shaved.

Simple and down-to-Earth policies:
– support Durham NUS delegate Tom Harwood’s campaign to “destroy ISIS using NUS boycotts”
– open another, bigger Sugarhouse somewhere for all the third years who are bored of the first one
– make Pendle great again
– I reckon me and Malia would really get on
– I will personally buy a Freddo for the first person to ask me for one if I win
– Trigger the Golden Age of LUSU

Shoutout to my campaign team: Jamie Yates, George Walmsley, Liam Marshall and Mish.

Please don’t vote for me, thankyou and goodnight.”

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