Interview: Glass Caves at Lancaster

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Glass Caves are a multi-instrumental alternative pop band from the North of England who’s cult following and endless gigging/busking has led to a number of turned heads, with the likes of Metronomy, Dry The River and The Sunshine Underground lining up to pen them in for the northern legs of their subsequent tours. Their latest album ‘Alive’ is filled with bright and bubbly rock tunes and I caught up with them prior to their headline show in Lancaster, intending to gain insight into the bands past and also probe them on any upcoming releases that fans can get excited for.

First off guys, I’m really interested to know where your name came from, how did it come about?

Well, when we first started practicing, we were doing so in a green house and we thought it looked a bit like a glass cave. We moved to a garage eventually, but that’s where the name originally came from – the green house practicing elite.

What sort of stuff is coming up for you guys that you think your fans need to know about?

Our latest single ‘Do You Have A Name?’ came out on the 9th of December and we’re always working towards releasing new stuff and we currently have 3 tunes in the studio that just need to be polished off. You can find it on Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

How did you guys meet?

Well, I originally began making acoustic videos in college and after the videos made the rounds and people began to pick up on everything we came together and penned some tunes, the rest is history.

How has your sound changed since you started making music together?

It’s definitely changed a lot in terms of how put together our songs are and I feel like since we’ve come together as a group and continued to grow together and understand each others playing styles, we’ve gone from strength to strength and moved away from a busier and more spread out sound to something that is much more minimalistic. When we first started making music together it seemed like every song was a different genre and it was a bit of a mixed bag, but we’ve since polished our sound and made it individual too.

Where was your favourite gig?

It’s probably different for all of us, but I think we all enjoyed playing Cocoa in London. It’s like an old fashioned theater and you can see people as far as your eyes can see. But we’ve all enjoyed so many different venues, including playing at Leeds Festival too, that was brilliant.

So, music is quite a cutthroat business these days, what do you think it is that you have that manages to separate you from the rest of the bands in your genre?

Well, we’ve all got hair beyond the earlobe. Good shoes. And then finally, good songs. In that order. It’s quite hard to separate yourself totally from other bands, especially since everyone has done something, but if you pair it with decent songwriting and a good band behind you, you’re definitely onto a winner.

What is your most unexpected influence?

We all have weird individual influences but we really love XTC’s ‘Making Plans For Nigel’. Everybody check this out it’s not about Nigel Farage! But like I said, we have a lot of influences between us.

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