Fylde to pull out of Legends


Fylde college look set to pull out of Legends this year, believing that “the event is no longer what it once was.” In a Facebook post addressed to Fylde Bar Sports, Sports Officer Holly Liang said that Fylde will not be participating, but stressed that there will be another sporting event for the college.

Legends is fought between Fylde, County, Grizedale, and Pendle, with Fylde having dominated since its creation. But in a controversial movement, it appears that there will only be three colleges taking part in 2017.

According to the post, both Fylde JCR and SCR believe that after researching previous Legends events, they feel it has changed and seemingly no longer suits Fylde. This is amongst other undisclosed reasons. More details will follow about a replacement in the foreseeable future.

Reaction has generally been negative, with comments pointing out a lack of communication with those participating. At the time of writing, Fylde Bar Sports have declined to comment without talking to the JCR first. SCAN also reached out to Liang, who said that there will be an official statement from Fylde college in the coming days.

When contacted, former Fylde JCR President Simon Rimington said, “As the sporting college, to now become the only college who do not participate in such an event is a really disappointing move. You can see that alumni are not happy. For no key alumni such as Chris Bell or Nik McCarthy to have even been asked smacks as a total ignorance. Legends was a really exciting opportunity to return as such a committed member of the college.”

This article will be updated when more details arrive.

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