Patriots Preview: Furness


After losing to Cartmel last year in highly controversial fashion, Furness are looking to regain the crown which they last won in 2015. The two colleges are tied 1-1 if you will so far in the Carter Shield, with Cartmel finishing higher in the dodgeball and Furness in the badminton. Of course, these results don’t count for Patriots, but they have set up the event nicely.

Firstly, SCAN wanted to find out what organising the event was like for Tom and Pippa. Both of them explained the difficulty they’ve had organising the event, with Tom stating that both Furness and Cartmel had differing ideas over sports and scheduling, so it took a while to compromise and draw up the schedule. Of course the organising doesn’t stop there, with Pippa adding that there is then the issue of promoting and encouraging people to get involved. As well as using Facebook and sticking posters around campus, Pippa states that she’s been messaging everyone she knows to see if they want to partake!

And so far the response has been great, with both of them stating that plenty of people have signed up already, some of these for multiple events and some just for the one event. Some of those who have signed up to play are the regular college sport players, and a lot are first time players, which is great as it shows the college spirit is rich in the Furness camp. Sports like rounders and hockey, ones which are played on a regular college level, have received roaring interest, so plenty of newcomers are ready and willing to take the fight to Cartmel!

Tom adds that he wants to sign up for everything but gets more reward seeing others partake and represent the college!

Pippa can’t recommend playing enough, stating that for the first time players, like herself, it’s a really good way to support the college and to get involved with college life. She also adds that it’s a massive rivalry so the fixtures to be played will be intense and excellent quality; all the more reason to go and watch!

Tom also states that for the regular college sports players it’s a great opportunity to play in front of bigger and louder crowds; so get yourself down to watch!

SCAN asked which sports Furness think they can, and Tom was quick to respond by saying ‘all of them, there isn’t a sport we won’t win’. If that’s not confident fighting talk then I don’t know what is. Pippa was a bit more realistic, stating that they know Cartmel are strong at rugby, so this will be tough a game. Although again, she was very confident in the chances of success!

In terms of whether any alumni will be back and making an appearance, both stated that they are more than welcome to; the more the merrier so get messaging any former alumni!

Finally, SCAN had to ask about the controversial ending last year. For those who aren’t aware, last year’s Patriots was level until the last event, which was a boat race, which had a controversial ending as it was unclear who crossed the line first. Furness are of course still bitter that the points went to Cartmel, so are desperate to try and reclaim the trophy they feel they never really lost!

In order to avoid controversy this year, the final fixture to be contested will be a President v. President pool match, so Furness’ hopes could rest on JCR president Louis Brézet’s shoulders. Although both Tom and Pippa state that it will be over by then. As they say this, they point to the space they have made in the trophy cabinet. And that just sums up Furness’s mood going into the event.

They do both then say that of course it’s not about winning, and even just representing your college is enough. And that’s what Patriots is all about, getting everyone together and representing your college.

If playing sports isn’t your thing, all of Furness are invited on the big social on the Saturday night, and we know how popular that will be based on the turnout of the 15 hour bar crawls. Tom adds that this night will be even bigger as it will be the celebratory night as well.

So there’s plenty of opportunities to do your bit and get involved, and it’s not too late to sign up to play either. Contact either Tom or Pippa or see the Facebook event for details.

Confidence, spirit and hope is high from a Furness point of view, they are ready to go with Pippa Jones ending by stating “come down and get involved on what will be a great day, come and see Furness smash Cartmel and regain the Patriots trophy”.

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