Lancaster loss in E-Sports obliteration


The first game to kick off Roses E-Sports was Dota 2, with E-Sports worth 4 points this year, it was a competitive battle between both teams who were eager to get the first win under their belt. Both teams started off well, however York’s team gained an early advantage and went on to win the first game. The second game was a pretty one-sided affair with York’s team pushing the objectives brilliantly to secure the second game and the win in Dota 2 over Lancaster.

The second game was League of Legends. Both teams started off pretty safe with no kills before 9 minutes, but that all changed when York’s midlaner (udaQ) dominated his lane and picked up 4 kills within 15 minutes. York’s jungler (Daddy Fred) also deserves credit for completely isolating Lancaster’s team and picking them off one by one whilst the team pushed forward onto the objectives. York’s team went on to win the first LoL game comfortably. The second game didn’t go in Lancaster’s favour either. After deciding to switch up their team composition, Lancaster’s team were still unable to defeat York’s team, who dominated all their lanes and managed to win a perfect game with 19 kills to 0 within 22 minutes. The second win for York in League of Legends left the score at 2-0 making it now impossible for Lancaster to win and allowing York to secure the 4 points on offer for the E-Sports competition.

Even with the defeat final, Lancaster aimed to get a consolation win in the last game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The first game proved to be a difficult and close matchup for both teams, with York’s team narrowly winning in overtime. The second game was also a close affair, however York managed to get ahead early and hold out for the 2-0 victory in Counter Strike and subsequently securing the 3-0 win for York for E-Sports.

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